Statement Regarding Hong Kong National security Law

Statement Regarding Hong Kong National security Law

On May 28th, the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China (NPC) approved “a resolution for a national security law for Hong Kong.” We strongly condemn and voice our protest against this.

Originally, Article 23 of Hong Kong’s Basic Law stipulates that the Hong Kong government shall enact laws on its own. There is no legal basis anywhere for NPC to make a decision such as this.

The decision by the Chinese government this time clearly violates the Sino British Joint Declaration signed in 1984. ‘One Country, Two Systems’ has met its demise. The Chinese government trampled not only the UK and Hong Kong citizens under foot, but also the international commitment for the world. There is no international legal basis anywhere that binds Hong Kong citizens to live under the Chinese government’s rule any longer.

We support that free Hong Kong citizens self-determine their own future freely. We support countries fighting for freedom such as the U.S that has announced to impose sanctions against China. We hereby declare that we strongly condemn any kind of human rights violation and aggression by the Chinese Communist Party regime, and that we will fight with our firm determination.

June 4th, 2020

Free Indo-Pacific Alliance

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