China Must Also Answer About Another 27 Prisoner Died In the Camps

Right after the denouncement by Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China announced Abdurehim Heyt is in custody. Whereabouts of Abdurehim Heyt has been unknown for more than a year. Among his fans and relatives inside or outside the country, no one knows where he is living, is he alive, and in what kind of condition. We Uyghur activists in abroad also made all our efforts but could not get any information about him, therefore we remained silent. Mr. Bunyamin, a friend of Abdurehim Heyt in Turkey must also had a same concern about him. From his trusted people in Kashgar he heard that Abdurehim Heyt was dead. Standing from humanitarian and brotherhood point of view, some Turkish media stations have been eagerly paying attention to the situation inside the camps. They used Abdurehim Heyt’s closest friend Bunyamin’s words as a source and announced a news of telling Abdurehim Heyt’s death. If, you say the news is false (assume the Chinese video clip has no fault), then who is responsible for this mistake? Is the Bunyamin who could not hear about his friend? or the Chinese authority that has been hiding whereabouts of this famous artist from public, from his close friends and relatives? Or the news agencies who could not get reliable direct and independent news from East Turkistan? Or the Chinese authority that covered up East Turkistan like cooking pot and keeping the world completely in dark? About the responsibility here, is that the Chinese authority that has been using news monopoly as an assurance of their existence for 70 ears, organizing figurehead (afraid of asking negative questions) journalist and diplomats, setting up performing stages, and lying on the camps? Or the journalists who were expelled or rejected visa entry for their reporting real news? Recent news about Abdurehim Heyt has told the world another heartbroken reality in East Turkistan: almost all of their families and relatives do not know anything about more than 3 million Uyghurs, do not know what are their faults, even do not know when will they graduate from their “school”. Now we have learned the fate of our famous artist Abdurehim Heyt only after the announcement by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There are thousands of Uyghurs are crying on Turkish media and giving testimony about their parents, brothers and children locked up in the camps whether if they are still alive or dead. These are all true. They are appealing for the Turkish government for help. These are all justice requirements. Chinese government should also give response to their questions. Through official channels, Radio Free Asia reported 25 people died in the camps. Chinese side did not reject the news by showing a life video. That means the news is true. Then they should explain it to world media how they were died so mysteriously while they were all in good health on their way to the camps.

We have some concerns about Abdurehim Heyt’s video appearance and his situation. Apparently Abdurehim Heyt was brought to the screen to respond Turkish media. He said: “I am not being forced”. Who was asking him that question? Clearly that was not a journalist, they were police. In which location he is answering the questions? Clearly in a camp. On what kind of demand? It was for Chinese authority to defense themselves and to defeat Turkish media.

According to a camp police spoke to the Radio Free Asia on XXX, among the “students”, only who behaved well, actively admitted their “mistakes” and actively exposed others’ “mistakes” are allowed to see their relatives once in a month in the camp.

Like Bunyamin, Uyghur public did not hear from Abdurehim Heyt for a year indicates that he must not have admitted his so called crimes, for that reason he was separated from his relatives, and even he must have been tortured.

The police officer also told RFA, when the prisoners meet their relatives in the camp, they must not tell their bad situation, must not talk in a sad mood, otherwise they will be punished. So, Abdurehim Heyt’s saying of “I am not being forced” itself is a result of a force. If Chinese authority can say Abdurehim Heyt was not tortured, then they should release him and give him a permission to go to any country with his family. If the camps are real education school, along with Abdurehim Heyt, China should set free the artists like Senuber Tursun, Adiljan Mijit, Zahir Shah, Ablajan Ayup and Rashide Dawut, set free the scholars and writers like Abdukerim Rakhman, Qurban Mamut, Rahile Dawut, Abdurakhman Ebey, Gulnar Obul, Abduqadir Jalalidin. ( They are all well learned professionals in their fields, no need a professional education.

If China wants to deny the camps are becoming death camps, they should show 26 scholar, journalist, businessman, student, mother and children reported death by the Radio Free Asia to the screen: 1) Muhammad Salih Hajim, 2) Ablimit Damollam, 3) Ablehet Mehsum, 4) Abdureshit Seley Hajim, 5) Aykhan Memet, 6) Yasinjan Moyidin, 7) Kerem Abduweli, 8) Qeyser Qeyum, 9) Abdughappar Abdurusul, 10) Abdusalam Memet, 11) Nurimangul Memet, 12) Ilham Qari, 13) Abdulehed Baqqal, 14) Abduchappar Abdujappar, 15) Peyzulla Notuq, 16) Yaqubjan Naman, 17) Ekhmetjan Heyder, 18) Yasinjan Memet, 19) Kheyrigul Omer, 20) Hesen Imin, 21) Sawut Rakhman, 22) Ababekri Sabitniyaz, 23) Abdureshit Haji, 24) Banikhan Rozimemet, 25) Amine Qadir, 26) Rekhmetulla Shirbaqi, 27) Weli Memet. (

Be believe the Chinese authority cannot deny their death in the camp and prisons. Therefore the Chinese authority should close the camps and respond the concerns of the Uyghur communities in abroad and the governments and organizations in the world; it should not become a necessity brought up by a country’s ministry of foreign affairs.

If Chinese government take a friendly advice from Turkish government, close the camps right away, that will not only save the lives of 3 million people, it can also prevent Chinese government to commit a crime against the humanity and to prevent from history’s ruthless trial and punishment.

Rebiya Kadeer

Leader of the Uyghur National Movements

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