President Greeting

Hello to the members of Free Indo-Pacific Alliance, our supporters and friends. To politicians all around the world, organizations protecting of human rights across the world, let me send greetings to you as the president of Free Indo-Pacific Alliance.

Everyone, there is not much time left for us any longer.

We must defeat the Chinese Communist Party that is our common enemy by teaming up with countries and peoples that are under Chinese occupation today, and also countries around China that are increasingly facing threats from the Chinese hegemony, and all the other nations and peoples who are feeling threatened by China. If we remain divided, China will succeed in buying time. Therefore, we must stand together no matter what.

We must come together, and bring justice to the crimes that China has committed to the human race.

For that, it’s necessary to expose China, its true ambitious nature to the people around the world by cooperating with all the countries and peoples that have been victimized by China.

In order to understand China, first of all, the world outside China must know the tyranny and dictatorship the peoples of East Turkestan, Southern Mongolia, and Tibet have been subjected to. It is absolutely important to know what Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan as well are undergoing at the hands of bully China.

With this, we call upon the people of the world to stand with justice and help protect our human rights.

Our fight is an honorable one for justice and human dignity.

We are proud to be in this together with you all.

December, 2018
Free Indo-Pacific Alliance Inc.
President Rebiya Kadeer

The formation ceremony

The formation ceremony of Free Indo-Pacific Alliance (FIPA) was taken place in Japanese National Diet building on October 26th, 2018.

NHK – nationwide news, other broadcasting networks, Yomiuri Shimbun, Sankei Shimbun and other mainstream newspaper companies reported the formation ceremony.